Price for charging

We operate with different prices for our three categories: Normal charger (AC), Fast charger (DC) and ultrafast charger (DC above 150kW).

Kople APP, RFID & Drop-in
5,9/kWh (After 45 min: + 1 kr/min)

Kople APP, RFID & Drop-in
5,7/kWh (After 60 min: + 1 kr/min)

Kople APP, RFID & Drop-in
3,3/kWh (After 8 hours: + 0,5 kr/min)

The prices apply to Kople's own charging stations, when charging with the Kople app, RFID chip or drop-in payment.

There may be local variations at facilities owned by others. The price of each charger can be found in the Kople-app or by local labeling. When roaming, the prices of your supplier apply.

When using drop-in payment, an amount of NOK 350 will be reserved. The reservation lasts up to 5 working days.

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Tip! Charging your cars battery up to 100% on a fast- or ultra fast charger takes a long time. We recommend stopping the charging session at around 80%.

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