An isometric illustration of a modern hotel facility with technological integration. A man seen from behind in the foreground is operating a tablet displaying Wi-Fi signals, symbolizing connectivity or smart technology. The hotel is a tall, rounded building with 'HOTEL' written on its side. At the top of the hotel, there is a person in a pool area. To the right is a parking lot full of cars with Wi-Fi icons above them. The area is green with trees and small figures representing people scattered throughout the scene.The image shows a cheerful woman in the foreground holding a payment card and a smartphone with an open app. She is looking towards the camera with a broad smile. In the background, slightly blurred, a man stands next to a white electric car charging at a yellow charging station marked 'LYNLADER'. The scene takes place in a parking lot with urban surroundings in the background.

How to charge your EV

Find the charging support and user tips you need to use our EV-chargers.


An isometric illustration of an urban scene with a focus on sustainable energy. Multiple tall buildings of various shapes and sizes, including a cylindrical building with a gear symbol and a square building with a battery symbol on the roof. In the center is a parking lot with electric cars being charged, with small humanoid figures scattered around. The illustration is in shades of green and blue, suggesting an eco-friendly and technologically advanced urban setting.

Charging solutions

Are you planning to install EV chargers in your building or destination? We can help you! We will plan, install and operate your chargers, and support your end-users with charging. 

Use an app or RFID key from our roaming-partners! 

Kople provides an open charging network, which means that you can use apps or RFID keys from other charging service providers at our chargers. Some needs to be registeret with Kople first. 

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The largest charging network in Norway


Koples charging network includes fast and ultra fast chargers, and type 2 chargers, all over Norway.

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