Charging solutions for every need

Kople builds and operates charging facilities with both normal, fast and ultra fast chargers. We adapt the charging facility to meet the needs of your company, your customers and your employees.

We help you plan, install and operate your chargers, and support your end-users with charging. We can also take over operation of chargers that you have already installed.

Illustration of a man charging a modern electric car at a charging station powered by wind turbines and solar panels in an urban environment

Fast charging facilities

By mainroads, the need for charging is usually high. Kople builds and operates fast charging facilities close to stores, gas stations, diners and other service-offerings. 

The chargers becomes a part of our charging network, and is easy to find for the customers in several charging maps. We advertise the charging location digitally and with roadsigns, and create a customer experience that makes the customers want to stop at your location the next time they are passing by.

Charging when parking

Do you offer charging for electric cars in public parking lots or to employees? We can build and operate charging-facilities in all sizes, with easy-to-use payment solutions, charging-support and maintenance agreements for municipalities and companies.

With access-control and RFID chip administration, it is easy for employees to charge, and easy for you to administrate.

Charging at hotels and destinations

When customers visit hotels and destinations, they have often drived for a while, and wants to stay for a while. Give them a more comfortable stay, by making charging available for them, without having to run back and forth to the car during their stay! This way you can both attract new customer groups, and offer an easy charging experience that motivates them to visit you again. 

Offer charging temporary 

If you need to offer charging-facilities over a short period, establishing expensive charging systems is not always the best solution. Our temporary charging systems can be installed quickly, and is delivered with easy-to-use payment solutions and charging-support for end users. Easy for you - easy for your users.

Charging facilities in new buildings

Are you building a new commercial building, and want to offer EV-charging to customers and employees? By planning the charging infrastructure early in the project, you can create the best solution for your loaction and users - at an affordable cost. We design and develop the ev infrastructure and provide innovative charging solutions, with easy-to-use payment solutions and 24/7 charging-support.

For us, it was a prerequisite that we didn't have to spend time on operating and providing support at the charging facility. Kople takes care of this. Kople's employees also maintain the facility so that our customers can be sure that they can charge their car while visiting us. I can recommend Kople as a supplier of charging facilities. Our experiences are exclusively positive.

- Birgitte Espeland, Director of Kistefos Museum

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