Charge with other charging service providers

Kople provides an open charging network, which means that you can use apps / RFID keys from other charging service providers at our chargers. Some needs to be registeret with Kople first. 

Which apps and RFID keys can you use to charge at Koples EV chargers?

These RFID keys must be registered with Kople first

RFID keys from NAF, Elbilforeningen (black RFID-key) and Møller bil needs to be registered with each charging operator. The good news is: If the RFID key is allready registered with Fortum Charge&Drive, it is ready for use at Koples chargers - You don't need to register it with Kople! 


What happens to the charging history?

The charging history will remain where your customer relationship is.

For example, if you charge with a chip registered with Fortum, or through their app, you will find the history of this charging session in their app. The payment will also go through their app, and the agreements you have regarding payment.


Is the price for roaming the same as with Kople? 

The price you pay for charging is decided by the charging service provider. This means that the price for charging could be different from Koples prices when you use other apps/RFID keys.

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