Charging support

How to charge your EV at Koples Charging stations

Use an app or RFID key from our roaming-partners!

Kople provides an open charging network, which means that you can use apps / RFID keys from other charging service providers at our chargers. Some needs to be registeret with Kople first. 

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User guide

1. Turn of the car and connect the charger to the car

2. How to start and stop charging

Charge with APP


Select the correct charger in the map in Koples app. Pick the contact you want to use, and start charging.

Press "stop charging" and wait for the cable to release.

New user?
Download the app "Kople" in App Store or Google Play. Create a user, and add your credit card for payment. You may also use an APP from other charging service providers.

Charge with RFID key

Scan RFID to start and stop charging.

New user?
Order your RFID in the Kople app. You may also use an RFID key from other charging service providers.

Drop-in betaling

Pay for charging with your credit card here:

Select the correct number and choose contact to start charging.

We will reserve an amount of 250 NOK for up to 5 working days when using drop-in payment. 

Do you need help with charging? 

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